Women’s Majors – is there life after college?

Many players today do not realize that there is this whole division of softball called “Women’s Majors.” Most coaches know it and know it well. Before the 21st Century, softball was played almost exclusively by women (you know: mom’s, teachers, accountants, lawyers, instructors, graduate students, etc.). A big part of the reason that the Women’s Majors division has become less known is because of incredible progress in the college arena: with the accessibility of college scholarships since the 1980s and the power of the NCAA exposure, most young softball players look to college as the end of the road.

But it’s not!

Some people are aware of the existence of the pro league (the NPF) and the USA National Team, but what is not commonly recognized is that without a women’s majors division to support those leagues, we are destined to end our careers at the tender age of 22 or 23 . . . before our prime. It is no surprise that in the 1996 Olympics, the best players in the World (from almost every country) were in their 30s. Female athletes are frequently recognized as hitting their “prime” closer to 30 than 20. By ending our careers in our early 20s, we are missing out on incredible opportunities: opportunities to play, opportunities to watch, opportunities to expose the sport to our youth, to our communities, and to big business!

The mission of PFX Athletics is to “open the doors of opportunity for WOMEN and girls through sport.” Most people understand the “girls” part of our mission but when we explain that we focus on the Women’s Majors, we are often received with squinted eyes and brows . . . “I’m sorry . . . what is ‘women’s majors?'” The answer is very simple: women’s majors is softball for women.

Currently, the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) is the only organization that hosts a Women’s Majors division (to our knowledge). If there are more out there, we would LOVE to hear about it!

In the meantime, PFX Athletics has been working with adult Co-Ed and women’s programs to grow the women’s majors level in the Central Florida area. We are working with groups all over the nation to prepare for our summer tournaments and co-ed leagues. Keep an eye on this page for more information!