Umpire Academy

“If you’re a photographer, they give you a camera. If you’re a writer, they give you a typewriter. If you’re an umpire, they give you an unseen object and they call it a strike zone and nobody seems to agree with you no matter what you call.” ~ Doug Harvey

The umpire is invaluable to the game of fastpitch softball. In addition to calling balls and strikes, fair and safe, the umpire’s role is to ensure ethics, sportsmanship, work ethic, and professionalism on the field and in the stands. Those who accept this challenge are educators and representatives of the game, the event, and the sport. This is no small task.

Still, most umpires are handed that invisible box called a strike zone, a clicker, and a hat and put on the field with little or no training. Most lessons umpires learn are done on the job. This lack of formal training has resulted in a decrease of admission of new umpires to the profession. At PFX Athletics, we see the need for new umpires and have gathered a group of highly trained and respected professionals to help educate a new generation of umpire.