Team PFX WINS ASA West Virginia Tournament

On our first tournament of the “Team PFX Tour 2k16,” the Athletics WON the West Virginia ASA girls softball tournament in Glenville, WV. The ladies started Day 1 going undefeated and finished Day 2 with the championship trophy.

Of course, as is always the case with Team PFX, this tournament was about more than just playing softball. Not only did the athletes have the opportunity to meet the Glenville State University softball coach while at this stop, but they also learned the value of resting their bodies, preparing mentally and physically for a competition, teamwork, and communication. Many players rotated sitting the bench and warming up, waiting for their “one opportunity” to get in the game . . . a lost art, some would say. The ladies truly played as a team.

wv-coach   wv-cover   wv-nap

In addition, Team PFX and the coaches and staff had the pleasure of meeting players, parents, coaches, and fans from another part of the Nation. The Athletics learned that softball is both very different and very much the same in this “new” region of the World. One of the most impactful interactions was with Team Riptide from West Virginia, whose coach shared with us that the interaction between our team and theirs “has started an avalanche of new ideas and dreams.” How incredible is that!?

wv1   wv2   wv-championship-game

Team PFX is traveling the east coast of the United States on a tour designed to teach these young softball players about inspiring themselves, inspiring others, independence, team work, and commitment through the game of softball. The ASA West Virginia tournament marks Days 3 and 4 of the 15 day road trip from Florida to Michigan and home again. There is still a long way to go but it’s safe to say these girls are off to a great start!