International Dreams: Allasyn Lieneck (Sweden)

Who wouldn’t love to travel to Europe? Better yet, who wouldn’t love to play softball in Europe? Team PFX member Allasyn Lieneck had the opportunity to make her dream come true and we wWebsite 38ere excited to help her!

This summer (2015), Allasyn played in two of our adult faspitch tournaments in Clermont, Florida. One of the tournaments, the International Showcase of Champions, was live-fed to European National Teams. The Swedish National Team coaching staff, led by Mattias Grimstoft, saw the footage and took us up on our offer to help connect American players with international prep teams and invited Allasyn to Sweden to play with their adult travel team, the Skovde Saints.

Allasyn did not have a Swedish passport so she was not allowed to play on the Swedish National Team BUT she did get to play against them – which is pretty awesome!

Part of our International programming is aimed at connecting American players interested in playing softball in Europe and other countries with the team organizers and coaches. Generally speaking, international coaches appreciate the impact American players have on their programs. Because of the history of the sport in this country, we typically have more readily available (and in most cases better) instruction at a younger age than other countries.

This opportunity allowed Allasyn to see a part of the world that she never had seen before and to make new friends she never would have met. She documented her journey on the PFX Athletics Tumblr page. You can check it out here:

Remember . . . #dreamscometrue