What it means to be an Athletic

It’s hard to describe what Team PFX is without first describing what it is “not.” This is not an organization that set out to add yet another travel ball team to the mix already available here in Florida. As a non-profit committed to opening the doors of opportunity for women and girls through sport, we were approached by a group of local parents who recognized that they were no longer able to provide the resources and training that their daughters needed to get to the “next level.” For those athletes, the “next level” was high school. After that: college.

How do they get to college?

What about these kids being recruited in eighth grade?

Is it too late?

We heard all of these questions – these FEARS. And we responded.

In 2015, PFX Athletics endeavored to make an impact on the lives of 15 young ladies. We are committed to helping this group of girls achieve their dreams in the sport of softball and to staying with them until they move on to the “next level.” For now, that “next level” is college.

We are a college prep team. That means exactly what it sounds like: we prepare athletes for college. For college softball, for college academics, and, for many, for the sacrifices that they will inevitably have to make in order to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves at the college level. This can be hard and there are many difficult decisions ahead for these ladies. We are here to help them work through those challenges and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

We can’t do it for them. They must earn it. But we can give them access: to former college players, to college coaches, to training tools, to speed and conditioning knowledge, to overall health and wellness information, and so on. We’ve been through what these players are going through. We have connections that we are happy to make if the athlete has demonstrated she has earned it.

This team is not for everybody. We speak about sacrifices, above, and there are many. We do not accept excuses. We do not accept missed practices. We make agreements with our athletes about work they will do on their own away from our fields. Our time is valuable and theirs is short and we do not believe in wasting time. Because of this, of our original 15, we have had some decide that this level of preparation is not appropriate for them. And that is okay. But we still have a core group of girls to whom we are committed. And for that reason, we are opening a limited number of positions for try-outs for our 2016 Team PFX.

We are looking for athletes who are willing to commit for the long-term. Why? Because we are in it for the long term. We are committed to working with all of our athletes until they commit to college. Once they are committed, we look forward to having them join our Women’s Team PFX to play alongside women who are in or have recently played in college who can share their experiences with them and with whom these players will face some of the toughest competition they have ever seen. So they can be prepared.

Because at the end of the day: we are a college prep team.

Our 2016 Summer Schedule includes a 3-week road trip across the Eastern United States where we will visit 10 colleges, participate in 2 tournaments, and play three “friendly” double-headers. To register for the opportunty to try out for Team PFX, email us at: Information@PFXAthletics.com