PFX Athletics donates over $10,000 in equipment to local girls softball league.

Using funding earned during the 2015 Spring Games, PFX Athletics donated over $10,000 in equipment to the local girls softball league. The list of equipment included catchers gear, tees, balls, nets, bags, and other related equipment for 20 girls softball teams.

“During THE Spring Games, the local leagues are impacted by the extraordinary demand on our community and softball facilities. Because of the level of competition and the game schedule, each year, our local leagues are being affected more and more. While we work closely with the leagues, offering opportunities to raise money, learn from the collegiate coaches and players, and experience THE Games, it does not change the fact that their schedules are disrupted by THE Games. After four years of this facility sharing, it seemed appropriate to make a contribution back to the local league with some much-needed equipment,” says PFX Athletics President, Alison Strange.

In addition to the equipment donation, PFX Athletics staff provided ten weeks of pitching and catching instruction for the local girls league at no cost to the league or its participants.

This equipment donation is one of many ways that PFX Athletics gives back to the community using proceeds from THE Spring Games. “Our goal is to leverage THE Spring Games to help make Lake County one of the premier softball destinations in the World. Part of that goal is that our youth have access to the best instruction and inspiration possible. This equipment donation helped raise awareness that we are here, that we are committed to the community, and that we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership,” Strange says.