Our new website

Wow! What an adventure this has been! I will say, creating this website (which we love!) has been such a smooth process (not exactly “easy,” because, let’s face it, we’re not in the IT business and no one here at PFX knows how to build a website). Gary Leland has been an awesome liason for us and his new website www.SoftballWebsites.com was great to work with.

So . . . what can you expect from this new site? More content! Since we took over management of the Legends Way Ballfields and stepped up the customer service focus at THE Spring Games, we have had a ton of requests for information on our site. Before, we couldn’t make changes without going through someone else. Now, we can make them ourselves (for the most part!). It’s just awesome!

Our favorite things? There are so many . . . I have to start with “Our Story.” If you don’t know the history of PFX Athletics, you have to check it out. It will really help you understand what drives us and gets us going. Of course THE Spring Games page is SO much better than it was before and we can now actually post all of our community activities (imagine that!). There are so many things to enjoy! Be sure to take some time to go through each page (we have a lot going on here!!!) and get to know us better. We are looking forward to adding more content regularly and keeping you up to date on the new and exciting things we have going on here in sunny Clermont, Florida!