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What is the overall (general) structure of THE Spring Games?
THE Spring Games is the World’s largest collegiate softball event. 2018 marks the eleventh anniversary of THE Spring Games. THE Spring Games are a five-week event during which time we host approximately 1,600 games. We like to say that THE Spring Games are “a marathon, not a sprint!” For most of our fans, the event lasts for one week as that is the average stay for any one team.
The Games are not a tournament so there is no “bracket.” Instead, the Games are more of a round-robin or spring training format where the teams select the number of games and, sometimes, the teams they wish to play. Because of this, we do have a schedule but it is not a traditional bracket and there is no “winner” of the overall event.

Do the games count toward my team’s collegiate softball record or are they basically scrimmages?
Absolutely, the games count toward your team’s season record. It’s like the teams are playing at their home field except THE Spring Games allows them to play from 4-24 different teams in one trip, saving the teams (and their fans) a lot on travel expenses! 

How do I find out my team’s schedule?
Keep an eye on our Fan Page for the updated schedule and information about the Games.

Why do I have to go to multiple parks to watch the same team play?
With over 300 teams in 2018, no one complex could handle all of the teams participating in THE Spring Games so multiple parks are necessary. We make an effort to limit teams to two complexes; however, there are often times that teams request to play other teams that have games at different parks and some teams do play at as many as four different complexes to ensure they get their desired opponent. Teams let us know what their priority is when registering: playing at few parks, playing certain teams, or playing certain times. We do our absolute best to accommodate these “priority” requests so if your team is playing at multiple parks, it is likely that your coach requested the opportunity to play certain teams or at certain times. The good news is that you get to experience more of what Lake County has to offer while your team gets a great schedule of games!

Is there a bracket or master schedule for THE Spring Games?
Yes, as it is updated you can view the master schedule on our Fan Page. Here, you can sort by team (to see the individual team’s schedule) or look at the Master Schedule. Remember, the Games are not a tournament so there is no “bracket.” Instead, the Games are more of a round-robin or spring training format where the teams select the number of games and, sometimes, the teams they wish to play. Because of this, we do have a schedule but it is not a traditional bracket and there is no “winner” of the overall event.

How do I find out the scores of the games?
In the past, we have not had a way to communicate the game results to fans on our website. Teams typically have this information on their websites (we have links to their websites on our Fan Page). For 2018, we are working closely with our technology partners to see if there is a way to upload this data quickly and effectively to our Master Schedule as the games progress. We will know whether this option is available as we get closer to the Games. For now, please assume that we will not have the scores (it’s on our list for next year, for sure!).

Whoa! My team’s game changed – what’s going on?
If your team has a game change after January 1, then it is likely that another team had an emergency issue that affected the schedule. Schedule changes after January 1 are unusual; please bear with us and your coach because a game change after January 1 means something happened that upset a lot of folks. We would appreciate it if you would help us and your coach get the word out to other fans that there has been a change.
If your team has a game time or location change during THE Spring Games, then it is likely that another team went into extra innings in a game prior to yours on the same day. We do our best to keep the games on time and have extended time between games from 2:15 and 2:30 hours to allow for a few delays. Still, you know as well as we that softball is not a timed sport and a 14-inning ballgame can wreak havoc to a 1,600 game schedule! Typically, if this situation occurs, the game will still be at the same complex (and at the same time) but not at the same field. A morning or afternoon delay can affect night games so be sure to double-check the schedule online on your way to the park as it will update automatically when changes are made. Again, it would help if you would support us by letting your fans know about the change (including those back home watching on live stream).

What can I expect when I come to the ballfields for THE Spring Games?
For starters, you can expect to see some AMAZING softball! Your pass to the Games gets you access to all fields for that day. Feel free to go from park-to-park but be sure that you get your hand-stamped when you leave if you intend to return (no exceptions!).
When you arrive at the ballfields, you can expect to enter through the main gate. Most parks have an entrance for teams and umpires – only individuals with team or umpire credentials are permitted to enter those gates. The main gate is for spectators and fans. We do charge admission so be prepared to purchase your tickets at the gate if you did not already order your tickets online. We recommend purchasing tickets for your entire stay so you can avoid the purchasing line when you come back!
We have merchandise and concessions at the ballfields (though our concessions are much more than what you would typically find at a ballpark – you can check out our menu here).
Note that large coolers, tents, large chairs, rolling carts, and other large items are not permitted at the ballparks for reasons related to security and the comfort of other fans.
We ask that you please be nice to our staff as they are executing their job duties and remember, most of the people you will be meeting at the ballfields are volunteers who are passionate about supporting women and girls find success in life and sport; we instruct them to greet you with a smile and we ask that you do the same in return. If you see something that we can do better or simply have a suggestion on how we can improve the event, please email us at THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com, post a message on the Facebook Group, or ask to speak with the “Site Supervisor” at the ballpark where you are (Site Supervisors are PFX staff members).


How many teams register for THE Spring Games each year?
Since 2014, THE Spring Games has brought over college softball 275 teams to Lake County, Florida. Some colleges and universities bring two teams (a varsity and a JV). These teams play over 1,600 games each year between four or five softball complexes in and around Lake County, Florida.

Can I get a roster for the teams?
We provide a link to each school’s website where the rosters can be accessed online as soon as they are published by the team. We also have a program book for sale as part of our Spring Games merchandise. You can pre-order a program book in our online store.

Can I host an alumni party or tailgate for my team?
Absolutely! We love when fans participate in the event and would be happy to provide a space for an alumni reception at the Games. Email us at THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com to share your idea and to receive a call back from a staff member to discuss your options.


At what ballfields will my team be playing?
You can check the Master Schedule or the individual team list to see at which ballfields your team will be playing. Please remember that most teams play at two or more complexes during their time at THE Spring Games. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the schedule online as it is updated automatically as changes are made.

Is there a map to show me how to get to the ballfields?
Yes, you have two options to find your way around the softball complexes at THE Spring Games. Your first option is to visit our Hospitality Page where we have all complexes, places to stay, things to do, and places to eat listed on a map for you. You can also visit our individual complex pages to get the address so you can GPS directly to the ballfields from wherever you are. The complex pages also have an overview of the site showing the entrances, parking, main gate, team/umpire gates, food, merchandise, and other helpful information.

What is the physical address of the ballfields where THE Spring Games will be played?
You can click on the ballpark information on the Master Schedule to get the address for the ballparks for the softball games you wish to attend. Please also refer to the FAQ: Is there a map to show me how to get to the ballfields?, above.

Am I allowed to bring in coolers, tents, umbrellas, or chairs?
Coolers are allowed if they are personal-sized and no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12.” If you have a disability that requires you to bring a cooler, please email us at least one week in advance of your arrival so we can make appropriate arrangements to accommodate your needs.
Tents are not permitted at any park. Personal sized, small umbrellas may be permitted but if the umbrella is used in a way to interfere with or obstruct another fan’s experience, you may be asked to put the umbrella away.
Individual folding chairs are permitted. We ask that if you purchase a folding chair that you will otherwise throw away due to travel, that you deliver it to our merchandise tent for recycling. On that note, it is worth visiting our merchandise tent to see if they have any chairs for rental. Monies raised from chair rentals support our Flying Lions Program.

Is there food at the ballfields?
You bet! It’s good stuff, too! We have a variety of foods ranging from gourmet hot dogs and hamburgers to wraps and salads. The menu also includes, but is not limited to, quesadillas, pretzel bites (with chocolate if you prefer!), chicken strips, and sweets. Check out our Menu for more information.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not permitted at any ballpark. Service animals are permitted so long as the owner can satisfy the Federal requirements for evidencing the animal is a service animal.

My mother is handicapped and it is too far for her to walk from the parking lot to the main gate, can she enter at the side entrance with the teams and umpires?
We get this question a lot and the answer is “no.” At some parks, the side entrance where teams and umpires park is also the area where teams warm up and prepare for the day; there are balls, bats, and other equipment (literally) flying through the area in these areas. Those are also the areas where teams are free of spectator interference and where they prepare for their games. Not only is it unsafe, but it is not appropriate for persons other than credentialed personnel to enter through these gates.
Persons with disabilities can be dropped off at the front entrance to the park by the main entrance. Our staff will support you in making this drop off at the gate. Please refer to the Complex map to locate the appropriate area for drop offs for disabled persons.
In the future, we hope to have golf carts for busier days when parking is a challenge; for now, we are not in a position to offer this service (but we are open to recommendations if anyone is familiar with a local business who would like to offer this service!).
Please email THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com to share ideas, let us know you have special needs, or to otherwise arrange or coordinate services for those in your party who are physically disabled. We are happy to help! 


How do I get tickets for THE Spring Games?
There are two ways to get tickets to THE Spring Games: (1) order in advance, at a discount, online in our shop or (2) at the gate.
Tickets ordered online will be picked up at the complex where your team plays its first game; tickets will be available as soon as the day prior to your selected team’s first game for your convenience. Online tickets may be purchased at a discount until February 1, 2018. After February 1, 2018, tickets will be full price only available at the ballparks.

How much do tickets cost at THE Spring Games?
Regular Price Tickets are:
$8.00 for Adults

$6.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)

6-Day Passes are:
$42.00 for Adults
$36.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)

Children under 5 are free

Pre-sale 6-Day Passes (available online until February 1, 2018) are $36.00. There is no special pricing for day tickets or 6-Day Passes for Seniors or Children on presale.

Is there a fee for parking?
No, there is no fee for parking at any of the ballfields for the 2018 Spring Games.

I made a mistake and bought too many tickets when I did my advance ticket order online – can I get a refund for the tickets I don’t need?
Absolutely! Make sure you bring the un-punched ticket and your proof of purchase to the gate and we’ll issue you a refund for the tickets you do not need. Our apologies in advance, but we cannot refund the PayPal service fees or processing fees.

I made a mistake and bought the wrong ticket when I did my advance ticket order online – can I get a refund or exchange my ticket for the correct one?
Absolutely! Make sure you bring the un-punched ticket and your proof of purchase to the gate and we’ll figure out if you need a refund, credit, or partial credit and refund depending on which ticket you bought and which ticket you need. Remember, we will not be able to refund the PayPal service fees or processing fees.


Where can I get action photos from THE Spring Games?
You can review and purchase action photos from THE Spring Games at www.goodpaulmedia.com. You may also view the photos we post on social media as follows:
Facebook: The Spring Games (Group)

Twitter: @PFXAthletics
Instagram: @PFXAthletics

Is there somewhere for me to post my own photos to share?
We would appreciate it if you would post your photos to any one of our social media, above. Tag us or post, where applicable. We love seeing photos from THE Spring Games and sharing in your experiences! If your photos are good, we may even use them on future advertisements or promotions for THE Spring Games!

What if I can’t make THE Spring Games in person? Is there a way to watch the games live?
Yes, you can watch THE Spring Games live through our streaming partner. The link is at the top of our Fan Page.

Are there going to be any changes to the quality of the live stream this year?
2016 was the first year that THE Spring Games were live streamed – all 1,658 games made it to the World Wide Web! Suffragette Softball was the first (and only company) to be able to figure out how to live stream 22 softball fields and 22 games at the same time without charging us over $1,000,000 to do so! Our goal is to keep the costs as reasonable as possible for the teams and to continue operating THE Spring Games. You can expect a single camera stream with twitter commentary on all streams. Where available, we will also include a scoreboard and broadcast commentary. If you would like the broadcast commentary, please encourage your team’s sports media department to contact us so we can coordinate their existing radio broadcast with the live stream of the game. Have them email THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com (thank you in advance!).

Will I be able to purchase a game on DVD after THE Spring Games?
Not this year, unfortunately. The cost of the DVD packages was far in excess of the revenues we returned last year so it did not seem to be a viable (or desirable) option to us, based on fan participation. 

Will I be able to watch a game after it ends?
We do not currently offer VOD opportunities for THE Spring Games. That said, our goal is to make this the BEST college softball event so if this is a HUGE disappointment to you, please contact our live stream partner to see if it is possible for them to record your game(s) for VOD or DVD reproduction. 

What social media sites can I use to follow THE Spring Games?
YouTube: PFX Athletics
Facebook: The Spring Games (Group)

Twitter: @PFXAthletics
Instagram: @PFXAthletics


Into what airport should I fly for THE Spring Games?
You have two options for air travel: Orlando Airport (MCO) and Sanford-Orlando (SFB). Both are between 30 and 50 minutes from Legends Way Ballfields. You can also look at our Hospitality Page to see the distance from your location to the airports and the ballfields.

Is there public transportation from the airport to my lodging or hotel?
It depends on where you stay but generally the answer is “no.” You will need to use some form of transportation to get from the airport to your hotel or vacation rental and then to get to the ballfields. You can also look at our Hospitality Page to see the companies who offer discounts to guests of PFX and THE Spring Games.


Where do you recommend I stay for THE Spring Games?
Lake County, Florida is the place to be. Visit our Hospitality Page for a map of our partners. Assuming your teams will play between Leesburg and Clermont, the best location for you is going to be North Clermont, Minneola, and Groveland, Howie-in-the-Hills, and Tavares. There are also beautiful properties close to either set of complexes in Clermont and Groveland and Leesburg, Eustis, and Mount Dora. Each City provides a unique vacation opportunity so be sure to do your research! Central Florida offers more than just theme parks and Lake County is proud to represent “Real Florida, Real Close” so you can experience our beautiful lakes and sunsets while you are here.
Definitely stay with one of our lodging partners! Be sure to mention PFX Athletics to get the best price. If you stay with someone who is not an existing lodging partner, when you register, ask them why they don’t partner with us – we’d love to have them as part of our affiliate program! So you know, to be a part of our affiliate program, we ask these lodging partners to give you the best price available (including lower than AAA, Expedia, or other resources); that is their guarantee to us and you. Let us know if you find a partner for us and how your experience was with our existing partners!

Do any local businesses offer discounts to Spring Gamers and their fans?
Yes! Just like lodging partners, in order for a local business to get a “pin” on our Hospitality Page, the business must offer a discount to our guests. Whenever you visit a local store or restaurant, make sure to mention that you are with “PFX” or “THE Spring Games.” If they have no idea what you are talking about, just tell them it’s the “softball event!”
You will also get a coupon with EVERY single Day Ticket you purchase for a local business and an entire page of coupons when you purchase the program book! You can plan ahead by checking out the map on our hospitality page. 

What tips do you have for first-timers at THE Spring Games?
Please be sure to review all of the information on the Fan Page before you arrive and make sure to join our Facebook Group. Both of these resources provide you with information, tips, ideas, and access to others who can help you if you have a question. The sooner you do this, the more informed you will be!
You will also want to be sure to book restaurants, activities, and events in advance of your arrival. During the busy weeks (the first and second week of March, in particular), we have almost 100 teams in town so restaurants and activity centers get full and it would help you – and them – if you let them know you are coming so they can be prepared to better serve you! Even a party of two can find it difficult to get seating during THE Spring Games but a reservation is an open door to a great seat! We also ask that you support our partners as they support us and the Games.


What is the logo selection contest and how can I participate?
In 2015, we started providing the teams with the opportunity to participate in the branding of our event. Each year, teams submit a logo for consideration for THE Spring Games. We post the logo online to our Facebook Group for the fans to vote. For 2018, the voting has already passed but keep an eye on the Group to be sure you get to participate in the 2019 vote!

Who is PFX Athletics?
PFX Athletics is a non-profit dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity for women and girls through sport. We have been in business since 1996 when we were founded by Dr. Dot Richardson after the Inaugural Softball Olympic Games. You can read “Our Story” HERE. PFX Athletics has three primary functions: (1) to manage Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida; (2) hosting youth, travel ball, and college softball tournaments and events such as THE Spring Games; and (3) programming including camps and clinics, the Flying Lions program, and an online Development Program for youth organizations. The monies earned during THE Spring Games support each of these three functions and allow us to ensure our donors that 90% of the revenue they donate to our programs goes directly to the program recipient. You can read some of the stories our Programs have generated HERE.

What is the Adopt-A-Team program?
Established in 2015, the Adopt-A-Team program is a partnership between PFX Athletics, THE Spring Games teams, and local elementary schools where the college softball teams “adopt” a local elementary classroom. Over the course of several months, the teams and kids exchange videos, letters, and other “stuff” in a modern version of the pen pal system we all knew when we were young. The objective of the program is to inspire young girls and boys to go to college and to play sports as a means to achieve their college goals. You can read more about the Adopt -A-Team program HERE.

Who are the kids in the dugouts with my team?
They are bat girls! In 2017, PFX Athletics expanded its Adopt-A-Team program to include bat girls (and boys) for THE Spring Games teams. What we learned from our experiences in other programs is that the individual connection between a bat girl and a team is a powerful one that lasts a lifetime. The children you see at the ballfield chasing softballs and gathering bats are experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime: to fall in love with a college, to make connections with a college’s future alumni, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves (for some, for the first time in their young lives). If you would like to make a donation to our Programs to support this and other programs at PFX Athletics, you can do so HERE.

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