How to get to Legends Way Ballfields

Below you will find Google Maps directions for how to get to the Legends Way Ballfields. Scroll down for directions on how to get between the Legends Way Ballfields and our sister fields for those situations where your team is playing in a nearby complex.

From the South-East

Orlando airport

Drive time: 34 minutes google maps

From the North-East

Sanford airport

Drive time: 49 minutes google maps

From the West

Tampa airport

Drive time: 1 hr 29 minutes google maps

This year, we are using four additional sites for THE Spring Games, including our newest division: THE Spring Games North, which will be held in Leesburg. You can get great information about each of these sites on our website under “Places to Stay,” “Places to Eat,” and “Things to Do” on our Events and Spring Games pages.

Additional Fields // Offsite Game Directions

Remember, you can always hire a bicycle and enjoy South Lake County’s bike trails to get between the parks!



Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex

Minneola Athletic Complex


Woodlea Sports Complex