Dreams Come True

It was a sad day for the girls of South Lake High School when they learned that they did not have a coach for their fall league. The former coach of the South Lake Mark Senchak  had to step down suddenly due to health issues and there was no one else to step in to coach or organize the team.
South Lake had been registered to participate in the PFX Athletics fall high school season and when one of the parents called PFX to let them know the girls did not have a coach, PFX did not turn them away, but instead offered to help.
“We have a coach. We also have shirts, with numbers, that we can provide for the girls. It was a no-brainer,” says Alison Strange, President of PFX Athletics.
For the same price the girls had already planned on paying to participate in their fall season, PFX Athletics took the team under their wing and provided uniform shirts, practice fields, and, of course, a coach so the team could participate in the Fall League.
“I’m happy our fall season was a success. Thank you PFX Athletics for giving the opportunity for several of our girls to learn and develop their skills. Robert Rego  Athletic Director, South Lake High School “
“At PFX Athletics, we believe that dreams come true. These girls wanted to play ball and they were missing just a few very basic things: a field, a uniform, and a coach. We were happy to provide those things so they could participate in their Fall season,” Strange says.
This is not the first time that PFX Athletics, a local non-profit organization based at the Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center, has helped make a group of girls’ dreams come true. As part of their #DreamsComeTrue campaign, PFX Athletics makes it their mission to help connect softball players (young and old alike) to opportunities to follow their dreams. You can learn more about the PFX Athletics #DreamsComeTrue campaign at https://pfxathletics.com/dreams-come-true/.
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 October 1, 2015