As the Fall comes to a close . . .

Dear Team,

As the Team PFX inaugural season comes to a close, I reflect back on the time, the players, the transitions, the set-backs, the progress . . . and the games. As is the case at the close of all seasons, this one is bittersweet.

There will never be another “first” Team PFX. There will never be another “first” tryout. There will never be another “first” uniform. This team, the players, the parents, the coaches, will always have a special place in our history because they have set the foundation for our future. I realize now that I should have made more of a point of that to you: you are now a part of the PFX history. Our history is rich and long and fluid and it now includes you. I thank you for that.

We so often look to the future with excitement: where are we going? what is next? I have learned through my years as an athlete, a student, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a mom, and, now, a coach, that in our excitement for the future, we sometimes take for granted the present. The truth remains: our first season is over and we will never get it back.

I am glad that we have some photographs – an expense that was well worth it! I am appreciative for all your parents and fans who supported not only you, but our young coaching staff. We could not have gotten through this season without them! Please thank them for me.

But mostly, I appreciate the TEAM that was formed. By the end of the season, through open communication and dialogue and some frank discourse, we have established a core group of young women whom I hope will forever remember this season – the good, the bad (I hope there was not too much “bad”), and the friendships that were formed.

We did not win a lot (I say, with a forced smile). But we played tough teams, really tough teams, some of whom had been together for years. This was intentional: I did not expect to win. I expected to test you. And you hung in there and worked on your own game and got better as the season went on. We had some big wins on the field and a lot of little ones off the field along the way. I hope that we, as coaches, left you with a clearer understanding of where you want to be in four years and what you love about the game. I hope that we taught you a little bit about hard work and commitment and what it means to be a teammate. I hope that I left a positive mark on you because I know that you did on me.

So, for now, I hand you over to your high school coaches and I hope they care for you as I have. Goodbye, for now, “Team,” and please know I am looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

In the meantime . . . take lots of pictures.

All my best,

Coach Alison