What is the Adopt-A-Team Program?

The Adopt-A-Team Program was established in 2015 with the purpose of introducing the young boys and girls in Central Florida to the hundreds of colleges and universities who participate in collegiate “THE Spring Games” each year (many of which are colleges and universities of which these children have never heard). The overall concept of the program is to encourage young boys and girls to attend college with the understanding that if they participate in sports, they can earn a partial or complete college scholarship.

The Program can be incorporated into the classroom setting in a number of ways and is most ideally paired with the S-T-E-M concepts in the studies of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Some of the many examples of how softball can be used to teach S-T-E-M methods are:

  • Have students study the physics of how the ball projects from the bat if the hitter makes contact on the bottom, middle, or top of the ball. Teachers can use these theories to explain “where home runs come from” and use popular video of elite softball players to demonstrate these theories.
  • Encourage students to study the history of bats, starting with wooden baseball bats from the 1800s and moving through the aluminium and composite materials used today. The study of the change in technology encourage students to apply education to sports, making both more exciting!
  • Have you ever thought about what makes one field drain water better than another? How about why some ballparks use chain-link “hoods” as the backstop while others use poles with net? Engineering principles can be applied to facility discussions but are equally as interesting when discussing why catchers’ gloves are constructed different from first-base mitts (both of which are different from fielder’s gloves)
  • At the most basic level, mathematic principles can be applied to softball. For example, what is the distance from home plate to the outfield fence? How about home plate to first? What if I was a right fielder, standing at the fence, and I needed to throw to second base? What distance am I throwing?

These concepts, founded entirely on the study of sport, can easily be tied to education and may even inspire some boys or girls who would otherwise be disinterested in school – or sport – to discover an interest they never knew they had! You never know, this Program could well encourage one Central Florida student who never had an interest in math to one day design a building or bridge that could change the World.

What is the Bat Girl Program?

The Bat Girl program is new for THE Spring Games 2017 and is inspired by our experiences with young girls at the Dot Richardson NCSI, THE Spring Games in prior years, and our Team PFX travel softball and college prep program. The purpose of the Bat Girl Program is to inspire girls (the bat girl and the college softball players), to teach leadership and responsibility, and to provide an outlet for mentorship. As with the Adopt-a-Team program, the overall concept of the Bat Girl program is to encourage young boys and girls to attend college with the understanding that if they participate in sports, they can earn a full or partial college scholarship. For many participants in these programs, they would be a first-generation college graduate in their family.

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Are we dreaming too big? We don’t think so! Why don’t you register for the Program and help us make a difference in the lives of a few girls here in Central Florida!

We could use some support for this one!

As you can see, these are big programs with lots of moving parts. If you are interested in helping, there are many ways you can. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you are a Spring Games team participant, register by following the link below.
  • If you are a teacher or administrator at a local school, register by following the link below.
  • If you are a business owner, maybe you would like to sponsor a bus to take some of the kids to watch their team play in the Spring (it’s not as much as you would think)?
  • If you are a business owner, maybe you could help PFX with shipping for the care packages?
  • If you have some time to volunteer, we could use runners to deliver the care packages or liasons during THE Spring Games (we’re pretty busy running the event!).
  • If you have media connections, we sure would love to spread the word about this program around Central Florida!

If this Program inspires you, there’s lots you can do to help. To sign up, for more information, or to share ideas, email us at THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com or post your comments to our Facebook page.

For those involved with the students or attending park activities, a background check is required.

I’m sold! How do I register?

If you are a Spring Games Participant or represent a local school or team interested in adopting a Spring Games team, register using the form below or you can email us at THESpringGames@PFXAthletics.com.