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In 2014, PFX Athletics was honored to be chosen by South Lake Hospital, Lake County, and Lake Sumter Community College to manage the Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida. PFX Athletics intends to utilize the Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center to provide opportunities – directly and indirectly – to women and girls throughout the World by hosting and promoting local, State, National, and International events and training at the Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center. Today, the largest event at the NTC Softball Complex is the Spring Games, held annually in February and March. PFX Athletics is proud to announce its commitment to hosting a World Professional Softball Championship in 2019 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States.

Alison Strange

Alison Strange


Alison Strange graduated from Stetson University, where she played varsity softball (right and catcher) for the Hatters. After graduation, she continued at Stetson to earn her Masters in Business Administration and Juris Doctor. After her post-graduate studies, Ms. Strange moved to Clermont where she began her law practice while also touring with the Pro-Fastpitch X-treme Tour (PFX Tour) for two years. Seven years later, she returned to softball to manage the Legends Way Ballfields and lead the PFX Athletics team.

Bob Borak

Bob Borak II

Facilities and Scheduling Manager

Bob Borak has been serving softball for over 30 years as an umpire and tournament director. As an official, he called National championships at all levels; today, Mr. Borak serves the PFX Athletics staff by overseeing tournaments (including the Southern Challenge, the Dot Richardson NCSI, and THE Spring Games), acting as a liason for tournament directors who host events at the Legends Way Ballfields, and generally being our "go to" guy for all things softball.

Chelsea Whalley-Brennan

Chelsea Whalley-Brennan

Programs Manager

Originally from Canada, Chelsea Whalley-Brennan joined the PFX Athletics team circa Stetson University. Ms. Whalley-Brennan oversees all of the Athletics' community outreach and softball programs including camps and clinics, lessons, scholarship programs, Adult Co-Ed and Women's fastpitch programs, THE Spring Games Adopt-a-Team program . . . the list goes on! Always wearing a smile, and carrying a "don't quit" attitude, Ms. Whalley-Brennan is making signifcant impact on our community and our sport every day.

Jason Shindoll

Jason Shindoll

Concessions & Sales Manager

A graduate from Le Cordon Bleu College, Jason Shindoll has certainly upgraded our concessions operations at Legends Way Ballfields! His knowledge of the restaurant and culinary industry ensures our guests - and our staff - are never hungry! An umpire long before a chef, Mr. Shindoll is often found assisting with more than just food operations: his understanding of the game of softball and those who officiate it make him an invaluable asset to our team.



We are proud to be in partnership with the Florida Professional Officials Association. For any officials that are interested in working events here at the NTC Softball Complex, you will need to go to and register with FPOA. You may also contact their President, Harlan Rosenberg at and also the associations Assigner, Bob Borak at

Dr. DOT Richardson

A true champion is someone who wants to make a difference, who never gives up, and who gives everything she has no matter what the circumstances are.
A true champion works hard and never loses sight of her dreams.

- Dot -

Legends Way Ballfields // Where the magic happens

Home of the National Training Center (NTC). Contact Bob Borak for facility rental information.

Park Rules // Follow 'em

  1. Play and spectate at your own risk. Spectators be aware of errant balls. The National Training Center, PFX Athletics, South Lake Hospital and Lake Sumter Communty College assume no liability.
  2. No Hitting or Throwing balls into Fences or Netting and no hitting or pitching of any kind on the grass area of the playing fields
  3. No Smoking or Tobacco Products on Complex property
  4. No Alcoholic Beverages
  5. No Firearms or Weapons
  6. No Pets
  7. No Outside Food or Drinks – One (1) Team Cooler Only
  8. No Parking in Fire Zone or Inside of Drop Off Circle
  9. No Skating, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Bikes or Scooters
  10. No Gum
  11. No Profanity
  12. No Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Acts can result in Ejection, Expolsion from the Park and/or Arrest
  13. No Unauthorized Individuals on 2nd Floor Balcony or Offices
  14. No Glass Containers
  15. No Trespassing. Legends Way Ballfields is Private Property, Violators will be Prosecuted
  16. PFX Athletics Equipment must not be Removed from the Softball Complex
  17. Notify PFX Athletics Staff of any Unsafe Field or Complex Conditions immediately
  18. In the Event of Lightning, All Coaches, Athletes and Spectators must Immediately Leave the Field and Seek Shelter in their Automobiles
  19. No Metal Cleats or Sunflower Seeds in Batting Cage
  20. In Case of Emergency Immediately Call 911


I get ready for a game first mentally. Mentally be able to visualize it and to feel it within my body to become one with the ball.
Visualize moving faster than I did the last time, being able to see the ball off the barrel of my bat and feel what that feels like.
Then in preparation on the field, as soon as I put my cleats on I am in a whole other world; nothing else exists except for being one with that ball.

- Dot Richardson -

Training // Get Ready

Please contact Chelsea Whalley at for more information about our training programs.

College Ball // Tournaments

Click the tournament icon to learn more about the event. Click here to learn more about THE Spring Games.

  • Feb 6-8

    Southern Challenge

    Start off the Spring with a weekend of exciting softball where the three southern NAIA conferences face-off in head-to-head competition!

    Download the Southern Challenge Schedule here.

  • Feb 13-18

    Dot Richardson NCSI Elite Invitational

    Over a dozen Division I Colleges and Universities kick off their Spring Season at Legends Way Ballfields. Bring your Valentine for a fun night out!

    Download the DI Elite Schedule here.

  • Feb 23 - Mar 29

    THE Spring Games

    Over 300 Division II, III, NAIA, and JUCO Colleges and Universities kick off their season in Clermont for the largest college tournament in the World!

  • Apr 30 - May 3

    Sun Conference Championship

    Watch championship play as the Sun Conference returns to Clermont for its final games of the year.

The Spring Games // The Softball Event of the Year

The Spring Games, founded in 2008 by Dr. Dot Richardson, are held in Clermont, Florida at the Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center. They are a series of collegiate softball games open to all divisions of colleges and universities across the US and Canada. Each year, Legends Way Ballfields welcomes teams to sunny Central Florida to kick-start their seasons during the months of February, March, and April and, for some, get their first “go” at competition after what is, for some, a long winter.

In 2014, the program included 275 teams. In 2015, we are excited to welcome over 310 teams to the Games. PFX Athletics caters to each school’s individual requests such as when they want to play, how many games they want to play, and even WHO they would like to play. We work with you to exceed your expectations for the event. Our goal: to make The Spring Games the biggest and, most importantly, the BEST spring games in the United States.

We Make Our // Teams Happy

Each year hundreds of teams enjoy the competition of the Spring Games.


Pricing // Participation Investment for the Spring Games

Benefits and pricing to particpate in the Spring Games. Contact Bob Borak to register for THE Spring Games


$125 on or before October 1st, 2015

Best Deal

  • $80 per game
  • You choose number of games
  • Opponent requests honored
  • Specify teams you don't want to play
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Facilities

Get all the benefits of regular registration at a fraction of the cost.



$250 after October 1st, 2015


  • $85 per game
  • Opponent requests accepted, but not guaranteed
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Facilities
  • Number of games may vary based on availability

Don't miss out on this world-class event


Adult Fastpitch // Leagues and Tournaments

College ball does not have to be the end! Join PFX Athletics and keep playing when your four years are up! In 2014, PFX Athletics was proud to announce the very first Co-Ed Fastpitch League in the Southern United States. In 2015, the Co-Ed League will travel throughout Central Florida during the spring competitive season. In the summer, the "battle of the sexes" will be put on hold while the women join together to play adult travel fastpitch on the road to the National Championship (with a stop along the way at Legends Way for the Internaional Showcase of Champions, of course)! In the fall, the fun begins again with a recreational season designed to welcome new players and families to the sport of fastpitch softball!

Contact Chelsea Whalley-Brennan at for more information about our Adult Fastpitch Programs

Youth Travel Ball // Facility Rental

Rent the Legends Way Ballfields for your youth travel ball and tournament needs by contacting Bob Borak at Throughout the year there are a number of tournaments held at the Legends Wall Ballfields that are run by 3rd party organizations. The list of these organizations are below. Contact them directly or look at their website for tournament information.


Get In Touch With Us

Contact Info

Our office is located at the Legends Way Ballfields. Swing over to tour the facilities or ask us any question you might have. It's recommended to call and schedule an appointment to ensure someone is ready to show you and your team around. contact img

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

- Author Unknown -


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